Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (2024)

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Our Review Method

  • 55Brokers Financial Experts with over 15 years of experience in Trading check and verify carefully Proprietary Trading Firm offerings and what the challenge you have to pass to become a Funded Trader to give an expert opinion on Traderseed and its reliability

What is Traderseed?

Traderseed is a trading platform founded in 2019, designed to offer unique and innovative trading programs aimed at helping aspiring traders develop the skills required for success with proprietary trading firms. Unlike traditional prop firms, TraderSeed presents a fixed-payout model, where traders know in advance what their payout will be for each challenge they undertake.

Being a Prop Trading Firm Traderseed offers a unique opportunity to engage in Real Trading almost with no Funds needed but to become a Funded Trader meaning trade with Company Funds. All that trader have to do is pass a Test or Challenge to obtain Funded Account and then trade with a Company Account as a Professional Trader, read more about Prop Trading here. Yet, read more about our finds below as there are some efficient risks you need to consider before engaging.

Traderseed AdvantagesTraderseed Disadvantages
Lower Profit TargetNo Strict Overseeing
Good PricingIt is hard to become Funded Trader
Great variety of Balances with Low Registration FeesLimited Instrument Range
Profit Share from ChallengeOnly MetaTrader Platform
MT5 and MT4 with EAs
Refundable Fee once you become Funded Trader
Good range of Challenge Models
Free Competitions

Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (1)

Is Traderseed Legit?

Traderseed is considered legitimate and functions as an intermediary between traders and the FTMO prop firm, offering discounted FTMO challenges through its partnership.

  • However, as a typical rule, compared to Forex Brokers, Prop Trading firms are not operating under the Forex Broker license, therefore, are much less regulated and are not overseen by the industry regulators, as such are not highest level safe, since company is the one who maintains the whole operation and giving Funds to run Trading activity, so is important to understand all risks involved.

Is Traderseed Scam?

We checked the company legit information through the official website and did not find evidence for the Traderseed company to be a scam. Yet, since Prop Trading Firms are almost no regulated by the financial authorities it is hard to define Scam or True nature of the firm.

As our professional advise, it is best to learn well about Prop Trading, understand risks and choose Company with a good reputation also one operate for many years so the proposal is more stable. Yet, since you do not invest much money to trading but just pay subscription fees the potential losses still considered lower if compared to engaging into Real Trading with your own funds.

Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (2)

Traderseed Challenge Evaluation Rules

Getting to the most important point in our Traderseed Review is to check how the evaluation challenge is established and what are the conditions to sign-in for trading challange. It means what kind of test you have to pass in order to obtain Funded Trading Account and become a Proprietary Trader, also what are your costs as a trader to become one typically based on Registration Fee.

  • The main goal of Challange or Test to prove your trading ability, while the Evaluation divided in 2 phases at Traderseed with profit targets based on the Account Size you choose. Typically 1 Phase rules are more tight, while Phase 2 gives slightly wider conditions alike to Drawdown mainly caters to prove the sustainability of your trading activity along the time.

Account Balance and Registration Fee

Before you get started for Traderseed login you will need to select the Model and Account Balance for which you would like to qualify for, based on the size you choose the conditions of the challenge are slightly different. Besides it reflects on registration fee, which you have to pay to the company to participate into the challenge, yet Traderseed offers a refund of the fee once you become Funded Trader.See our Registration Fee comparison table below:

  • TraderSeed offers three main challenges: the 20X Challenge, the 30X Quest, and the Aggressive 20X Challenge, each tailored to different levels of trader experience and risk tolerance. These challenges include features like industry-leading maximum loss limits, sensible leverage, the opportunity to trade large account sizes, and personalized support throughout the trading journey.
FeesTraderseedFTMOThe Funded Trader
Minimum Account Size$100,000$10,000$50,000
Fee $100€155$289
Maximum Account Size$800,000$200,000$400,000
Fee$1,000€1 080$1,869
Reset or Test RetakeYesYesYes
Is Fee Refundable?YesYesYes

Profit Target

The profit targets for TraderSeed challenges vary, including the 20x and 30x challenges, with each having its own set of objectives. For instance, participants might need to achieve a specific percentage of profit relative to their account balance to advance through levels or complete the challenge.

Maximum Loss

TraderSeed offers challenges with varying maximum loss limits to accommodate different trading strategies and risk tolerances. For instance, their programs feature an industry-leading 15% Maximum Loss limit, providing traders with a generous buffer to manage their trades effectively. This limit allows participants to experience real market conditions while ensuring they have a safety net to prevent significant account losses.

  • To clarify well All set rules have to be in line at the stage of challenge, otherwise your test will be canceled and you will either have to reset it, meaning pay another reset fee to participate to challenge from the beginning.

Minimum Trading Period

TraderSeed challenges do not have a mandatory minimum trading period. Participants are allowed to progress through the challenge levels as quickly as they can meet the objectives, without a set number of trading days they must adhere to.

See detailed table with TraderSeed challenge conditions based on Account Size:

Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (3)

Free Trial

TraderSeed does not offer a free trial for its trading challenges. The platform is designed to provide structured, paid challenges that offer traders the opportunity to earn payouts by meeting specific objectives.

TraderSeed Funded Account

Once the test or the challenge is successfully passed trader will get his Funed Account set, which may typically take few business days to activate. It is important to note, that the account conditions and balance will be exactly as the one you qualify for in your test, in case you would like to change Account to higher grade there will be a need to pass test from the very beginning for the Account Balance you prefer to trade with.

Profit Split

TraderSeed, through its partnership with FTMO, offers a profit split arrangement where traders keep a significant portion of their profits after completing challenges successfully. The specific percentage varies based on the challenge and account size chosen, with higher-tier challenges offering a larger share of the profits to the trader.

Payout and Withdrawals

TraderSeed, in partnership with FTMO, provides payouts to traders who successfully complete their challenges, with a profit split arrangement allowing traders to keep a substantial portion of their profits.

The payout process and withdrawal terms are designed to be straightforward, enabling traders to access their earnings after meeting the challenge criteria. Specific details about payout amounts, timing, and withdrawal procedures vary depending on the challenge and should be reviewed directly on TraderSeed’s or FTMO’s official platforms for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Account Conditions

For Account Conditions themselves, we check carefully whether Broker has various account preferences, also what Platforms, Instruments and Trading Costs are applicable. It is also important to check Leverage levels and Trading conditions offered, since some Brokers may restrict some startegies and do now allow specific practices in Funded accounts, which may result in loss of Account therefore to regain it you will need to pass the test again. See detailed breakdown below:

Trading Instruments

TraderSeed allows participants to trade a variety of instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This range provides traders with the flexibility to employ diverse strategies across different markets.


TraderSeed, through its partnership with brokers like Axi, offers competitive commission structures for its trading challenges. The commission rates can vary depending on the specific challenge and account type traders are enrolled in. These commissions are designed to be low to ensure traders can maximize their profits while trading various instruments.


TraderSeed offers leverage up to 100:1 for certain challenges, catering to traders who prefer high-risk strategies and greater buying power. This high leverage option is available in specific challenges like the Aggressive 20x Challenge, designed for experienced traders comfortable with managing significant leverage and risk.

Traderseed App Platform

TraderSeed offers its trading challenges primarily through its website and possibly through standard trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, depending on the challenge requirements.

Trading Conditions

Based on our findings, the TraderSeed broker offers two account conditions eith Swap Accounts suitable for swing trading or swap free accounts available in all challenges available for trader who prefer to avoid overnight charges.

  • Popular conditions like News Trading, Swing Trading, EA Trading and Weekend Holding are all Permitted in TraderSeed. Besides, trader can use Copy Trading from another Traderseed account, which is an extra benefit for various strategy traders. Yet, important to note there are some restrictions too like HighFrequency Trading, Latency Trading and Arbitrage are not permitted.
  • As for TraderSeedSlippage typically it does not occur, however during News Trading company restricts open and close of any trade 5 minutes before and after the news, since that is a typical time slippage may happen.

Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (4)

Traderseed Promotions

As we noticed, the company runs some promotions with available Traderseed Coupone for discounts available from time to time, as well may include some Traderseed discounts alike Reset Discount. Yet, conditions usually provided on a temporary basis so good to verify this upon your signing in.

Traderseed Alternative Brokers

Considering all finds about Traderseed we conclude Firm to be quite an attractive opportunity for Funded Traders, company offers very good costs compared to industry competiton and opportunities to engage with various programs with lower programs and costs to choose from, which opens up more opportunities for traders with less costs.

Yet, is always good to consider and compare proposal to other Prop Trading Firms, so some of the popular ones may offer similar conditions or might be more suitable for particular traders alike for better choice of instruments and other than MetaTrader platforms. Yet, there are some obvious advantages of Traderseed exists too, see our selection of alternatives below also table comparing Traderseed to other Companies:

  • FTMO — Great Swing Trading Prop Firm
  • True Forex Funds —Good for USA Trading on Funded Accounts
  • The Funded Trader — Best for Higher Account Size

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Traderseed Review ☑️ : Is Traderseed Scam or Good Prop Trading Firm (2024) (2024)
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