Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (2024)


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Enjoy a comforting and filling bowl of Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli with some of your favourite toppings.

Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (1)

Vegetarian Chilli

Have I ever mentioned how much I love lentils? They are so cheap, are a great source of protein and can be used in a variety of dishes like this yummy Vegetarian Chilli with sweet potato and vegetables.

I always have bags of them in my pantry. Red lentils for things like dhal and soup and chunkier lentils like green and brown for things like this chilli, as they have a chunkier texture.

Can I use red lentils in Vegetarian Chilli?

Personally I do not recommend using red lentils in this recipe. They will cook down to much and you won't get that chunky variety of texture of a delicious bowl of chilli.

Plus they will absorb at lot more of the liquid as they cook, so the ratio of ingredients may not have the best final result.

Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (2)

Vegetables for Vegetarian Chilli

In this delicious recipe I use sweet potato, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potato and some courgette (zucchini)

The combination of vegetables you can substitute but I recommend sticking to similar quantities otherwise you may need to adjust the liquid part of the recipe.

A great substitute for sweet potato is butternut squash, it's slightly low carb and less calories too.

Toppings for Chilli

These are part of the best things when it comes to a bowl of chilli.

Whenever I make chilli for my family, we place all the various toppings in the middle of the table, grab our bowl of chilli and add our own toppings that we like. This makes it the perfect family meal.

Some of my favourite toppings are:

  • Grated Cheddar (or other cheese of your choice)
  • Avocado (cubed or mashed)
  • Diced fresh tomatoes
  • Chopped Spring Onions
  • Sweetcorn
  • Black Beans
  • Cilantro (coriander)
  • occasionally I will make up a dish of my Perfect Oven Baked Fries - the kids love those.
  • For a treat if you have a few calorie spare, some broken up tortilla crisps/chips are great too.
  • Cooked Rice (or Lime Coriander Rice)
  • Sour Cream or as an alternative some Greek Yoghurt with a little lemon or lime juice mixed in
  • Wedges of Lime
  • Roasted Cauliflower Rice (a lower carb alternative to rice)

I love making up a big pot of thisasI always end up with plenty of leftovers to tub up and freeze for another day.

Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (3)

Great for batch cooking

This chilli is one of my go-tos for batch cooking, it's perfect for freezing. So I often make up a big portion of this, put in some tubs in portions, then you can just take out when you fancy it.

To heat up, I defrost in the container in the fridge (I prefer to use glass food containers) and then it can either be heated up in a saucepan/frying pan (sometimes you may need to add a little water or stock just to prevent it drying up to much) or you can heat in the microwave.

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Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (4)


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Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli | Slimming Eats Recipe (5)

Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli

Yield: SERVES 8

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Enjoy a comforting and filling bowl of Sweet Potato, Vegetable and Lentil Chilli with some of your favourite toppings.


  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1 red pepper, finely chopped
  • 2 jalapeno's, deseeded and chopped
  • 1 courgette finely chopped
  • 1 small carrot, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 1 stalk of celery, chopped
  • 300g (10.5oz) of cubed sweet potato
  • 190g (1 cup) of uncooked green lentils (can also used brown)
  • 4 ripe medium tomatoes, peeled and chopped (can use canned, but drain of excess liquid)
  • 720ml (3 cups) of chicken or vegetable stock
  • 240g (1 cup) of passata
  • 2 tablespoon of tomato paste (puree)
  • 1 tablespoon of Mexican chilli/chili powder - see note*
  • 2 teaspoons of cumin
  • 2 teaspoons of paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of oregano
  • pinch of cayenne (optional if you like it hot)
  • splash of balsamic vinegar
  • spray oil


  1. Spray a large saucepan with spray oil.
  2. Add the onion, garlic, celery, carrot and fry till softened.
  3. Add the courgette, vine tomatoes, red pepper, jalapeno, sweet potato.
  4. Add in spices and stir to coat.
  5. Pour in the stock, passata, tomato puree and lentils and bring to the boil.
  6. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar, reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for approx 1.5 – 2 hours, lentils should be nice and tender.. If you prefer the courgette firmer, add this in for the last 30 minutes of cooking instead
  7. Taste and season as needed with salt and black pepper.
  8. Serve with your choice of sides/toppings
  9. Enjoy!!


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Nutrition Information

Yield 8Serving Size 1
Amount Per ServingCalories 280Total Fat 0.9gSaturated Fat 0.1gCholesterol 1.9mgSodium 476.2mgCarbohydrates 50gFiber 4gSugar 9gProtein 18g

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  1. joanne says

    This looks really yummy
    Where are the syns in the recipe??


    • admin says

      It is for the tomato puree which I forgot to add to the recipe/instructions lol.


  2. Josie Finch says


    Noted that you have put a syn value for tom puree... this is now syn free! yipee!


  3. Alex Adamson says

    How long would you cook this in the instant pot.



    • Shevy (Slimming Eats) says

      Hi Alex, I would cook it using the preset time on the bean/chili button.


  4. Caroline neal says

    Hi this is amazing swapped the green lentils for red as had them in absolutely loved it thank you


    • Shevy (Slimming Eats) says

      That's great to hear that it worked with red lentils. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Jane says

    Had this tonight and it is amazing did a batch bake after Christmas and froze in single portions, let it defrost during the day and warmed through . This is a define winner and will for sure be doing again.


    • Shevy (Slimming Eats) says

      My family love this one too and I regularly make up a batch and freeze some. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for posting 🙂


  6. Denise says

    Really lovely recipe. I used red lentils and added prawns. I also put it in my slow cooker for 5 hours...delicious! Served with rice.


  7. Fiona says

    I want to try this; it looks amazing. When you say "uncooked lentils" do you mean the dry ones which you boil? Thanks for sharing!


    • Shevy (Slimming Eats) says

      yes, those are the ones 🙂 - enjoy!!


  8. Lynne says

    Hi This looks amazing. Just wondering if as stated in the recipe you need to use 1 tablespoon chilli powder? It seems rather a lot.


    • Shevy (Slimming Eats) says

      Hi Lynne yes it is correct. Enjoy!!


  9. Philippa says

    Have just made this for tea and it's absolutely gorgeous, I used tinned green lentils and it still worked. Will definitely be making this a lot


  10. Molly says

    Love it! I use both sweet potato’s and butternut squash! I also use red lentil instead of green.


  11. Molly says

    Lovely chilli. I use both sweet potatoes and butternut squash. I have made it both with red lentils which worked amazing and green lentils. I had to soak the green lentils over night and did boil them alone for 20 mins first as I find they give off a weird scummy foam when first cooked and I didn’t really want that in my dinner. Easier with red lentils for sure but both just as
    yummy! I also use red jalapeño as they have sweetness and spice


  12. Gina says

    This is another triumph! Absolutely delicious. I usually add a tsp of sweetener to tomato based sauces, but the sweet potato in this made it perfect. There are only 2 of us, so I halved the quantities; I still seem to have gallons, plenty for the freezer.


  13. Tracey tye says

    Could I do this in a slow cooker?


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