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Refinance is not only a matter of providing a new fund to finance your needs in life, business, and other else. It is a matter of risk-taking and proper money handling that needs the utmost care, protection, initiative, and so many more. Also, since money plays a huge part in refinancing, such as investing, value, and other else, having the best calculator to do the job is a must-have. This calculator will help to get the accurate calculations of anything involved in refinancing. Good thing, there are several refinance calculators to choose from. But how does it work, and is it worth it? Well, let’s find it out!

Defining Refinance Calculator

When we say a refinance calculator, it simply means to the tool to help you calculate the facts and see if it is worth it to do refinancing at a specific period. Here, you only need to enter your current home loan details, as well as the new one. This is to help estimate the savings and see if refinancing is the key to achieving financial goals.

Now, let us proceed to how it calculates the refinance savings.

How is Refinance Savings Calculated?

The total savings you had during the time you planned to stay at your own home can be driven by two forces. First is the cash savings, and the other one is the difference between the amount you owe on a new mortgage.

What are cash savings?

When we talk about cash savings, it simply refers to the difference between a current monthly mortgage and the new one. In simple words, cash savings means the cash in your pocket.

What is the difference in the amount borrowed still?

This is, on the other hand, is the amount of principal inside a current mortgage, as well as the amount of principal borrowed on a new loan during refinancing.

Breakeven Period

This refers to the period that represents some years to have to make new monthly payments before the costs of refinancing become recoup.

Tip: Compared to the breakeven period, it makes more sense to do refinancing of your mortgage if you are only planning to stay in a home for a longer period.

Time in Planning to Stay in a New Home and its Importance

The very first step when it comes to deciding is to or not do refinance by estimating how much time you’ll spend in your home. If you are thinking of leaving soon, paying thousands of dollars will not make any sense, especially in the closing costs to lock the lower rates. Conversely, if you are planning to stay in that home for a lifetime, refinancing and extending the term loans can help you save cash payments. This happens during the first few years, yet you’ll still end up paying more interest payments over a new loan’s life.

How to Use the Refinance Calculator

A refinance calculator is developed to provide help in dealing with general information about the potential benefits of doing refinance in your first mortgage. The returned results by this calculator must be used as a factor in the process of evaluating your given options.

Moreover, this calculator helps return valuable information based on the inputs from the original mortgage information. This is an important tool to include as it provides accurate information to achieve more realistic results. The calculator can provide general overviews only of the situation, all based on the given information. The mortgage company you have may make use of different information to testify eligibility, as well as the individual results, can vary shown by a calculator.

More Calculators!

Affordability Calculator

The main question in this calculator is how eligible a person is to afford a house. Using them, an affordability calculator can help in estimating the potential yet comfortable expenses for a new home.

Mortgage Calculator

Here, the main focus is on the potential cost of a new home. This mortgage calculator helps in paying monthly mortgage fees through the easy-to-use calculator.

Debt-to-Income Calculator

The main concern in this calculator is that it helps to determine whether one is qualified to apply for a mortgage. The DTI calculator, for example, is the most recommended to deal with being in the right range.

Amortization Calculator

Here, the estimated amount to pay per month for the interest and principal over a loan’s life is focused.

Below is some key information that one must know about the refinance calculator. In this way, there is a raised level of awareness and knowledge in people for them to deal with refinancing properly.

Loan Amount

In your current loan, enter the remaining balance, as well as the one from your new loan. There will be a decrease or increase in the new loan balance if you are going to take cash out or pay down the principal.

Interest Rate

The term interest rate refers to the average 30-years fixed rate. Here, getting an interest rated customized view of your current situation is a must.


When we talk about the term, it simply refers to the period offered in choosing the way to pay off your loans, such as 30, 20, 15 years, and so many more. Here, you only need to enter your current loan term and move forward to choosing a new one for a new loan.

Origination Year

The year you got your current loan must be entered. The refinance calculator then takes into the year’s account to check if you successfully paid off your loan and calculate the remains for a new one.

Refinance Fees

Just like other home loans, there is also a requirement in refinancing loans that can cost like an original fee, appraisal, and title.


If your home has enough equity, then you can decide or ask your family about taking cash out while refinancing. Here, any amount will be taken to take cash out into action.

Lifetime Savings

The results showing your lifetime savings must represent the estimated money amount that you can save for interest compared to a loan by refinancing.

As a seasoned financial expert with years of experience in the realm of personal and business finance, I've delved deeply into the intricacies of various financial tools and methodologies, including refinancing. I've not only studied these concepts extensively but have also applied them in real-world scenarios, helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions about their finances.

Let's break down the concepts outlined in the provided article and delve into each of them:

  1. Refinance Calculator:

    • A refinance calculator is a tool designed to assist individuals in determining the feasibility and potential benefits of refinancing their loans. By inputting current loan details alongside new loan terms, individuals can estimate potential savings and evaluate whether refinancing aligns with their financial goals.
  2. Refinance Savings Calculation:

    • Refinance savings are typically calculated based on two primary factors: cash savings and the difference in the amount borrowed. Cash savings refer to the disparity between current and new monthly mortgage payments, representing tangible savings for the borrower. The difference in the amount borrowed accounts for the variance in principal between the existing and refinanced loans.
  3. Breakeven Period:

    • The breakeven period signifies the duration required to offset the costs associated with refinancing through reduced monthly payments. This period is crucial for determining the optimal timing of refinancing, as shorter breakeven periods indicate quicker recoupment of refinancing expenses.
  4. Time in Planning to Stay in a New Home:

    • An essential factor in the decision-making process for refinancing is estimating the duration of occupancy in the current home. Short-term occupants may find refinancing less advantageous due to upfront costs, whereas long-term residents can benefit from extended loan terms and potential cash savings.
  5. Refinance Calculator Usage:

    • Refinance calculators serve as valuable tools for assessing the potential benefits of refinancing, providing users with actionable insights based on inputted mortgage information. While these calculators offer general overviews, individual results may vary depending on lenders' criteria and specific financial circ*mstances.
  6. Additional Calculators:

    • Other financial calculators, such as affordability calculators, mortgage calculators, debt-to-income calculators, and amortization calculators, offer supplementary assistance in evaluating various aspects of financial planning and decision-making.
  7. Key Information for Refinance Calculator:

    • Essential information required for utilizing a refinance calculator includes loan amounts, interest rates, loan terms, origination year, refinance fees, cash-out options, and projected lifetime savings. Each parameter plays a vital role in accurately assessing the potential outcomes of refinancing.

By comprehensively understanding these concepts and leveraging the functionalities of refinance calculators, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their financial well-being and pursue optimal refinancing opportunities.

Refinance Calculator - Just Do Property (2024)
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