Free Prop Firm Challenge (2024)

The world of proprietary trading is not just about sitting behind multiple monitors, crunching numbers, and executing trades. It’s also about competition, skill honing, and, most importantly, community building.

Proprietary trading firms, commonly known as prop firms, are increasingly hosting trading contests where the winners don’t just walk away with bragging rights — they earn fully funded trading accounts.

In this comprehensive article, we will guide you through the intricacies of these trading competitions, shedding light on the firms that organize them and what participants stand to gain.

The Concept Behind Trading Competitions

Trading competitions are nothing new; they’ve existed for decades in various forms. However, prop firms have recently begun to leverage these contests as a method for talent acquisition and brand promotion. The general idea is simple: Traders participate in a simulated or real market environment with specific rules and timeframes.

The performers who yield the highest returns or meet specific criteria are awarded funded accounts by the prop firm hosting the competition. This creates a win-win situation where traders get a risk-free platform to showcase their skills and possibly start a trading career, and the prop firms acquire new talent with proven abilities.

Benefits of Participating in a Trading Competition

Apart from the obvious benefit of winning a funded account, trading competitions offer several other advantages. First and foremost, they provide a risk-free environment where both novice and experienced traders can test their strategies.

Secondly, these contests often come with educational resources and community engagement, adding value to the overall trading experience. Last but not least, they offer a platform for recognition and can be an excellent way for traders to get their foot in the industry’s door.

Prop Firms Hosting Trading Contests

E8 Funding

Free Prop Firm Challenge (1)

E8 Funding is recognized for its highly competitive trading contests that focus primarily on forex markets. These contests are usually time-bound and require traders to showcase not just profitability but also risk management skills. Winning such a contest could land you a funded trading account with generous terms for profit sharing.

E8 Funding primarily focuses on forex trading and offers multiple trading platforms, catering to a wide variety of trading styles and strategies. Use coupon code ELLIOTE8 and save 10% on E8 Funding!


Alpha Capital

Free Prop Firm Challenge (2)

Alpha Capital focuses on attracting traders who excel in volatility trading. Their competitions usually have a short duration but require high performance. If you’re good at quick decision-making and risk management, their competitions could be your ticket to a funded account.

With its focus on forex and commodities, Alpha Capital is a prop firm that likes traders who can handle market volatility efficiently. Save 5% for a limited time on Alpha Capital!


Apex Trader Funding

Free Prop Firm Challenge (3)

Apex Trader Funding is renowned for its straightforward and transparent trading conditions. Their trading competition is usually accessible and has the added advantage of a simplistic rule set. Winners can expect a smooth transition to a funded account, where they continue to enjoy low fees and high-profit splits.

Apex Trader Funding has a global presence and focuses on Forex, futures, and cryptocurrency markets, providing traders with ample opportunities to diversify. Use coupon code FXJEPTUV for 50% off on Apex Trader Funding!


City Traders Imperium

Free Prop Firm Challenge (4)

Famous for its focus on Forex markets, City Traders Imperium offers trading competitions with high-leverage options. Their contests are typically geared towards traders who have a knack for high-risk, high-reward scenarios. Winners get funded accounts with generous profit-sharing plans.

City Traders Imperium has an excellent educational wing and provides in-depth training programs, making it suitable for traders at all levels. Use coupon code CTI10% for 10% off!


Crypto Fund Trader

Free Prop Firm Challenge (5)

As the name suggests, Crypto Fund Trader is all about cryptocurrency trading. Their competitions allow you to test your crypto trading strategies in a secure and regulated environment. Winning gets you a funded account specialized in crypto markets.

Crypto Fund Trader is one of the few prop firms that focus solely on the burgeoning cryptocurrency markets, offering traders a specialized path to profitability. Use coupon code Platinum5 to get a 5% discount!


Free Prop Firm Challenge (6)

Fidelcrest aims to discover the best trading talent through their rigorous competitions. Not only do they look at your profitability, but they also examine your risk-to-reward ratios and consistency. Winners can look forward to trading a funded account with an attractive profit split.

Known for their transparency and trader-friendly policies, Fidelcrest makes a great option for those who are serious about a trading career. Use promo code MM-15 to get 15% off


Free Prop Firm Challenge (7)

FundedNext is all about offering traders a fast track to a funded trading account. They host frequent competitions that test various trading skills including strategy, risk management, and market analysis. Winning traders get the privilege of trading a funded account with no maximum drawdown.

With a focus on commodities and equities, FundedNext offers a variety of trading platforms and tools to assist traders in making informed decisions. Use coupon code modestmoney for 5% off!


Ment Funding

Free Prop Firm Challenge (8)

Ment Funding is well-known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive educational resources. Their trading competitions are designed to identify traders who can make consistent profits over a specified period. Winners get the benefit of trading a funded account with a fair profit split.

Ment Funding is a versatile firm that offers opportunities in multiple asset classes, making it an excellent option for traders looking to branch out.


Free Prop Firm Challenge (9)

MyForexFunds has carved a niche for itself by hosting competitions that are both beginner-friendly and challenging for seasoned traders. The focus here is on forex markets, and competitions usually run for an extended period, allowing traders to showcase long-term strategies.

MyForexFunds is a prop trading firm that specializes in forex markets, offering a platform that is both intuitive and packed with features for analysis.


Free Prop Firm Challenge (10)

MyFundedFX offers trading competitions with a focus on forex and commodities. These contests are often themed, requiring traders to specialize in specific trading strategies or market conditions. Winners get to manage a well-funded account with a generous profit split.

MyFundedFX prides itself on its trader education programs, providing ample resources to help traders at every skill level. Save 5% via our exclusive link!



Free Prop Firm Challenge (11)

OspreyFX is unique in its approach to trading competitions, focusing on cryptocurrency markets alongside traditional forex. Their contests offer a variety of trading conditions to suit traders of all experience levels. Those who top the leaderboard can look forward to trading a funded account with competitive terms.

OspreyFX offers a wide range of markets including forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, making it a versatile option for traders looking to diversify their portfolio. Use coupon code modestmoney10 for 10% off


Smart Prop Trader

Free Prop Firm Challenge (12)

Smart Prop Trader’s competitions are geared towards identifying traders who are savvy with market analytics. Winners usually get a funded account where they can trade multiple asset classes. The firm also offers mentorship programs for contest winners.

Smart Prop Trader provides an educational platform that helps traders enhance their market understanding, making them better-equipped for long-term success.


Free Prop Firm Challenge (13)

SurgeTrader contests emphasize high-frequency trading strategies and demand a strong understanding of market trends. The reward for winning is a well-funded account with a favorable profit-sharing scheme.

SurgeTrader specializes in forex and commodities and offers state-of-the-art trading tools to help traders make informed decisions. Use coupon code modestmoney for 10% off!


The 5ers

Free Prop Firm Challenge (14)

The 5ers runs trading competitions that challenge traders to excel in risk management and consistency over the long term. Their competitions often run for several months, and winners earn a funded account with an attractive profit split.

With its long-term approach to trading and emphasis on risk management, The 5ers is ideal for traders who think beyond quick profits. Save 5% with our exclusive link!


The Funded Trader

Free Prop Firm Challenge (15)

The Funded Trader offers a broad range of competitions catering to traders who specialize in different market conditions and asset classes. If you come out on top, you earn the right to trade a generously funded account with a beneficial profit-sharing agreement.

The Funded Trader offers opportunities in forex, commodities, and equities, allowing traders to diversify their trading strategies. Use coupon code modestmoney to save 5%!

TickTick Trader

Free Prop Firm Challenge (16)

TickTick Trader’s competitions are focused on stock and options markets. They seek traders who can perform well in highly volatile market conditions. Winners get access to a funded account and a plethora of trading tools.

TickTick Trader has a robust trading platform optimized for high-speed trading, making it an excellent choice for those who specialize in short-term trading strategies.

TopTier Trader

Free Prop Firm Challenge (17)

TopTier Trader’s contests are typically centered around futures and options trading. Winners are provided with funded accounts and are given opportunities for mentorship under experienced traders.

Specializing in futures and options, TopTier Trader offers an advanced trading platform and comprehensive educational resources.

Trade The Pool

Free Prop Firm Challenge (18)

Trade The Pool offers a unique twist to trading competitions by focusing on pool trading strategies. The contests are team-based, encouraging collaborative strategy development. Winners not only get funded accounts but also have the option to lead trading pools.

Specializing in commodities and forex markets, Trade The Pool provides traders with an alternative trading environment that prioritizes teamwork. Save 5% with our exclusive link!


Free Prop Firm Challenge (19)

TradeDay specializes in short-term trading competitions, often lasting just a day or a week. These contests are high-adrenaline and require quick decision-making. Winners are offered funded accounts with competitive profit splits.

TradeDay offers a range of markets including forex, stocks, and commodities, making it a well-rounded choice for traders. Use coupon code modestmoney and get 20% off!


Traders with Edge

Free Prop Firm Challenge (20)

Traders with Edge focuses on contests that test your ability to trade under various market conditions. Their comprehensive evaluations look at not just profits, but also risk management and strategy planning.

Offering a versatile range of markets and trading styles, Traders with Edge is ideal for traders looking to challenge themselves. Save 10% with coupon code Z3KS55ZH

Additional Prop Firms with Trading Competitions

  • Alpha Capital Group
  • Bespoke Funding
  • Finotive Funding
  • FunderPro
  • Funding Pips

How to Prepare for a Trading Competition

Getting into a trading competition is one thing; succeeding is another. Preparing adequately is crucial. First, understand the rules and the asset classes that you will be trading. Some competitions might restrict you to forex trading, while others might allow trading across multiple asset classes.

Secondly, have a strategy. Going into a competition without a plan is like sailing without a compass — you might float, but you’re unlikely to reach your destination.

Final Thoughts

Trading competitions hosted by prop firms offer an exciting avenue for traders to show off their skills and win funded accounts. They democratize access to financial markets by eliminating the high barriers to entry, particularly the need for significant capital.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate trader, or a pro, participating in a trading competition could be the launchpad for your trading career. So, pick a contest that suits your trading style and take the plunge; a fully funded trading account could be just a trade away.

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