A Look into Our Online Account Portal (2024)

At Wawanesa, we’re always striving to provide you with a hassle-free insurance experience. We’ve created our online account portal to help our policyholders make accessing their policy information easy and convenient. The new portal, however, does a lot more than just show you basic policy information.

We’ve put together this inside look at what features are currently available through the online portal. You’ll also get a first look at the upcoming features we have planned for the portal to make accessing your insurance information easier than ever before. Be sure to sign up for the online portal so you have 24/7 access to your insurance information.

Convenient Access to Your Wawanesa Policies

Our online portal was designed to give you easy and convenient access to all of your important policy information. We know that it’s not always possible to pick up the phone and give us a call when you have questions. The online portal allows you to see vital policy details right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Link all of your policies into one convenient online account for fast access. You can use our online account portal to update your phone number view ID cards and more.

Access Insurance and Roadside Assistance Cards

Even the most organized person can lose something. Unfortunately, losing an insurance ID card or roadside assistance card can quickly cause problems on the road. One of the most important aspects of our online portal is the ability to view ID cards and roadside assistance cards. Whether you’ve misplaced your card or just want a spare to keep at home, our online account portal lets you easily access an online copy of your cards.

See Important Payment Information

The new online portal lets you see important payment information, including when your next premium is due. Access to your payment schedule means you’ll be less likely to forget a payment or be surprised by a payment due date. Our online portal also lets you view your payment history so you know when, and how much, you’ve paid in the past. Most importantly, the new online portal gives you the ability to pay your premiums online. The payment feature allows you to make secure payments quickly and easily using your preferred payment method. We currently accept payments through your checking or savings bank account, credit card or debit card.

View Auto and Property Claims Information

One feature of the new online account portal gives you access to important claims information. Within the portal, you can view your closed auto and property claims. If you’ve opened an auto or property claim after July 15, 2018, you’ll also have access to information about those claims. Having access to your previous claims allows you to keep track of your past claims to maintain accurate records.

Check Your Policy Coverage

Sometimes you want to double-check what’s covered by your insurance policies. You may have stashed the paper copy of your policy in a file folder with other important documents. Instead of digging out your files, you can use our online portal to see what is and isn’t covered by your policies. Whether you are thinking of making an auto claim or are curious if the belongings in your storage unit are covered, the online portal makes it easy to see your policy coverages without searching.

Update Preferred Method of Contact

Using the online portal, you can update your phone numbers and change your preferred method of contact. You may have gotten a new cell phone that came with a new number. Perhaps you want to include your office number if you need to be contacted during the day. No matter your reason for needing to update your contact information, the new online portal saves you a phone call and makes it easy to update your information.

Renew Your Insurance Coverage

Make your policy renewal simple using our online portal. Instead of having to call or mail a physical renewal, we’ve included the option to manage policy renewals right from your computer. With online renewal management, you’ll likely gain peace of mind that your coverage won’t lapse because you missed a renewal date.

Exciting New Features to Come

In addition to the current convenience features of the online account portal, we’re working hard to provide you with even more features. We hope to help make managing your insurance policies easier with our upcoming features of the online portal. In the future, you should have even more access to important insurance documents and the ability to make changes to your policy. Check out some of the upcoming additions we have planned for the portal.

Update Payment Plan and Schedule

This upcoming feature allows you to update your payment plan and schedule to best suit your needs. This feature is perfect if you’d like to change to a new payment plan. You can even look at new payment plan options and compare it with your current plan. If the new plan is more in line with your needs, you’ll be able to make the switch right in the portal.

Make Policy Changes

Another exciting upcoming feature of the online portal is the ability to make policy changes. Whether it’s time to reduce coverage on an aging vehicle, this upcoming online portal feature makes it easy to request changes. Even more exciting, one major new upcoming feature is the ability to add or remove drivers or cars from your policies. This is one of our most common requests. Being able to request these changes online should help streamline your auto insurance experience.

View Important Policy Documents

Our plans for the online portal include a new feature that gives you access to your policies’ important documents. The upcoming access to policy documents should give you the ability to store your policy information safely and securely online. Along with existing access to coverage information and ID cards, this additional feature should help you keep track of your policies with 24/7 access.

How to Sign Up for the Online Portal

Getting started using the online account portal is simple. The easiest way is to use your email address on file with your policies. Once we have confirmed your email address, you should be able to create a password and login to the portal. If you don’t have an email address on file with us, we can still get you access to the portal. Without an email address, you will need to have your first and last name, phone number, postal code and account or policy number in order to gain access.

Check out the new online portal by signing up today so you can enjoy all of the existing features and the exciting new features planned for the future.

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A Look into Our Online Account Portal (2024)


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