9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (2024)

Whenever we come across vultures, the first thought that comes to our mind is that there might be some raw meat lying around, right?

And, while that could be the reason, chances are that the vulture could also be trying to give you signs or messages.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the spiritual importance, symbolism, and different meanings behind seeing a vulture during the day.

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

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1) Vulture Spiritual Meaning

2) What does seeing a vulture mean spiritually?

3) What does it mean when you see a vulture during the day?

4) Spiritual meaning of a vulture in a dream

5) 9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Vulture

6) Spiritual meaning of seeing a turkey vulture

7) Spiritual meaning of seeing 3 vultures together

8) Spiritual meaning of vultures circling

9) Are black vultures a bad omen?

10) Final Words

Vulture Spiritual Meaning

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (1)

Spiritually, vultures are known to symbolize death, rebirth, and renewal.

Since the birds feed on dead animals to obtain functional energy, they may also urge you to accept and devour your bitter past to fuel a better version of yourself.

Vultures also symbolize the power of knowledge and wisdom as their perspective from the top gives them a much clearer picture of the ground beneath them.

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What does seeing a vulture mean spiritually?

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (2)

As I mentioned, vultures symbolize rebirth and renewal.

Thereby, seeing one could be a sign that you must undergo a complete mental and spiritual transformation which will help you discover your true self, and feel more passionate and ambitious toward achieving a positive state in life.

Seeing a vulture could also be a sign that you need to switch on your intuition.

I’ve talked about the importance of intuition in quite a lot of my articles as it is the key to achieving joy, excitement, and fulfillment in life.

Switching it on may help you feel more deeply connected with your heart and true desires.

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What does it mean when you see a vulture during the day?

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (3)

Seeing a vulture in broad daylight could mean a lot of things but, most prominently, it may be a sign that you’re lacking connection with nature.

Work, technology, and even your own laziness can keep you from exploring the true essence of nature! But severe deprivation of it will not only take a toll on your physical health but also on your mood and emotional well-being.

You should definitely be taking the vulture sighting as a serious hint for setting aside work and technology and opening up to the world of chirping birds, gushing water, and rustling leaves for a while.

Spiritual meaning of a vulture in a dream

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (4)

Seeing a vulture in your dreams is rarely a good spiritual sign as it may signify revengeful, deceiving, or toxic intentions.

It means you’re wasting all your thoughts and time planning the perfect revenge against people who’ve hurt you or your loved ones in the past.

And, while this may sound quite satisfying at first, soon or later you’ll realize all the things you COULD’VE done or achieved by simply moving on.

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9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Vulture

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (5)

1) Your Actions Have Consequences

Whether you realize it or not, your actions do have consequences and a huge impact on your life.

While we’re young or just feeling carefree in general, we tend to do certain things and not think much of them because it doesn’t really matter, right?

Well, unfortunately…it does!

Even the tiniest of actions have a huge impact on the direction your life goes. And, that’s exactly what the vulture sighting might be trying to hint toward.

The quicker you realize this, the fewer regrets you’ll have in the future.

2) You Feel There’s No Purpose To Your Life

Oftentimes, we may feel this emptiness inside our hearts that may lead us to the thought that there’s no purpose to our lives.

Several reasons for this might be:

  • Stress;
  • Family issues;
  • Depression;
  • Isolation from the outside world;
  • Doing the same work/tasks every day.

Feeling like there’s no purpose to your life is a completely normal thing and I can almost guarantee that all of us have been through this phase at least once in our lives.

Sadly enough, there’s no direct solution or doorway out of this phase and, one day or the other, you will need to quit beating about the bush and set out on a journey to discover your purpose.

3) There’s Bad Luck On Your Plate

Seeing a vulture may be a sign of bad luck.

Now, it’s hard to say whether this bad luck would last forever or is only a phase but, if you did come across a vulture then…yeah…luck may not be on your side.

Some obvious signs of bad luck include:

  • Being late no matter how early you leave or start;
  • Relationships not working out;
  • Having only your mistakes noticed or called out;
  • The exact opposite happens of whatever you wish/pray for.

4) You Don’t Trust People Around You

Whether it’s your boss, colleagues, family, or friends, trust is the key to any relationship that could ever exist in this world.

In fact, the whole world runs on nothing but trust.

However, if you’ve been spotting a few vultures here and there lately, it could be a sign that trusting others isn’t your thing at all.

Some reasons behind this might include:

  • Fearing Heartbreak;
  • Disappointment;
  • Negative past experiences;
  • Mental health conditions.

Your lack of trust may eventually lead to negative outcomes like weak or unfulfilled relationships, jealousy, suspicion, and feeling lonely or isolated.

5) Indecisiveness & Confusion

Another possible meaning behind seeing vultures could be an indecisive and confused state of mind.

It may signify the fear of rejection, failure, or regret.

Indecisiveness may kick in in situations where there are too many options or important decisions to be made.

Again, there are no direct solutions to this problem but here are some ways you can make decision-making a little easier for yourself:

  • Dig out the root cause of your confusion;
  • Don’t rush answers and try to buy time;
  • Visualize the worst that could happen in case you make the wrong decision;
  • Take an optimistic approach;
  • Obtain others’ perspectives and feedback;
  • Gather more information to base your decision around.

6) You’re Courageous & Resistant

Vultures are seen as birds with great courage and immunity since they feed on dead animals without falling sick.

They also steal meat right in front of the lions’ or hyenas’ eyes knowing that they could get attacked in the process.

If you spot a vulture while going about your everyday life, it may signify deep courage and control over your emotions.

It means you’re not afraid of making big decisions and are quite confident about most of the stuff you do.

You’re not easily intimidated by other people and know when to say a loud and clear NO.

It could also mean that you like trying new things and exploring new horizons even if they make you get out of your comfort zone.

7) God Is Displeased With You

According to the bible, vultures are seen as unclean and unholy birds which means that if god has sent one your way, it definitely has a negative message behind it.

He may be trying to hint to you how his teachings have faded away from your life or that you’ve started walking a path of rebellion, dishonesty, and evil.

He could also be trying to remind you to put faith in him and his plans and that you shall return to him one day or the other.

8) Impending Doom

As I mentioned, spiritually, vultures are seen as unclean birds with negative connotations.

If you ever come in contact with a vulture, chances are you may get a feeling of impending doom almost as if something tragic is about to take place at any moment.

This type of feeling may lead to anxiety, depression, inner distress, and restlessness making it harder to “settle down”.

(This could also be linked to god being displeased with you)

9) You’re Resourceful.

Vultures are seen as a symbol of resourcefulness.

So, if you frequently come across them, it may signify your resourceful nature.

Being resourceful is a great thing as it not only makes you stand out in a crowd full of mediocrity but also helps attract quality people because of your “there’s a solution to every problem” mindset.

You may often find people coming to you with their problems and trusting your word.

You also come up with newer perspectives on things and unimaginable ideas that slowly but surely lead you to the right answer.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing a turkey vulture

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (6)

Spiritually, seeing a turkey vulture could signify patience and tolerance.

It means you trust what the universe has in store for you and avoid rushing the process.

You’re aware of the fact that good things take time, thereby, you’re consistent with your efforts and only create long-term goals for yourself.

You’re also very tolerant, which helps you diffuse heated fights and arguments, gain others’ perspectives, and be open to feedback and opinions.

Spiritual meaning of seeing 3 vultures together

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (7)

Although three vultures at a place together may seem like a meat party, in the spiritual realm, this trio could also be signaling toward forthcoming danger.

And, no, you won’t only be losing your job or hitting a financial crisis, in fact, things could be worse.

Chances are that a severe earthquake, tsunami, flood, or some kind of natural disaster is going to hit soon.

This may be followed by the death of a close friend or family member, which will put you through a hard time.

Spiritual meaning of vultures circling

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (8)

Vultures circling over your head may be a sign that you’re protected by divine power.

Divine protection may be an outcome of putting faith in god and making genuine efforts to please him.

His protection will not only shield against physical harm but also the evil eye, magic, jealousy, and other evil forces.

It may also help with boosting self-esteem and confidence in every aspect of life since you’ll know that no one can actually hurt you.

Are black vultures a bad omen?

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (9)


Black vultures are believed to symbolize negative energy and possibly even death!

If you see one flying over your head or resting near your house, it may be an indicator that there’s a lot of negative energy around you.

It may root in the people you’re surrounded with, their actions, intentions, and just the type of energy they bring to the table.

Black vultures are also known to be the messengers of death and their sighting could be a sign that death is slowly but surely approaching.

In a few Native American cultures, it is believed that extremely sick people who’re on the verge of death often come across black vultures right before their final clock ticks in.

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now. Seeing a vulture could either be a warning or a good sign.

  • It could be a warning that you have too much negativity around you;
  • Drowning in stress;
  • Overthinking about past events;
  • Or not getting along with your family that well.

On the other hand, seeing vultures could also be a sign of higher perspective, great knowledge, wisdom, and self-awareness.

It may signify your hunger and ambition for achieving success in whatever you do and a heightened ability to realize your mistakes and shortcomings.

9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (10)

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9 Vulture Spiritual Meanings: Seeing a Vulture During the Day (2024)
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