5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (2024)

5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (1)

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Biden says he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if they launch major invasion of Rafah

01:40 - Source: CNN


Health professionals have long warned that ultraprocessed foods can have detrimental impacts on the body, but some options — like cereals and whole grain bread — can be nutritious when enjoyed in moderation. The scientific community also broadly agrees that processed meats and sugary beverages are the foods you most need to avoid.

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1. Biden

President Joe Biden told CNN on Wednesday he would halt some shipments of US weapons to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a major invasion of the southern Gaza city of Rafah. This comes as Israel continues to defy international pressure to limit its campaign in the city, with Netanyahu this week saying Israel will defend itself even if “forced to stand alone.” Separately, Biden in the interview sought to reframe perceptions of the American economy, touting strong job growth while questioning polls showing voters are still pessimistic about the country’s direction. In CNN’s most recent poll, Biden’s approval ratings for the economy (34%) and inflation (29%) remain starkly negative, as voters say economic concerns remain a high priority to them when choosing a presidential candidate this year.

2. Immigration

The Biden administration is expected to propose a rule today that would crack down on migrants ineligible to claim asylum, according to two sources. The move comes as the White House has tried to toughen its position on the US-Mexico border and flip the script on Republicans who continue to criticize President Biden’s immigration policies ahead of the November election. The proposed rule would tighten the current system by allowing officials to quickly reject some migrants from claiming asylum earlier in the process if they’re found to be ineligible. In the 2023 fiscal year, there were nearly 2.5 million migrant encounters at the southern border, according to federal data.

3. Capitol Hill

The House voted swiftly on Wednesday to kill Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s effort to oust Speaker Mike Johnson from his leadership post. The vote was 359 to 43 in Johnson’s favor — which came with the help of Democrats — and brings to an end the most serious challenge to the speakership the Louisiana Republican has faced, at least for now. The vote could quiet calls for Johnson’s removal among conservative hardliners who are angry about his support of a $95 billion foreign aid package that passed last month. The speaker tried to look forward after the vote, although he slammed the move as a distraction and “frivolous character assassination.”

5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (2)

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Marjorie Taylor Greene booed on House floor

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4. Severe weather

Millions in the Southeast US are bracing for the possibility of severe weather today that could bring large hail, damaging winds and flooding. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a level 3 of 5 enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms from East Texas to central and southern Georgia and far southern South Carolina. At the same time, officials in the central and southern US are assessing the damage from reported tornadoes and powerful storms that killed at least three people Wednesday. Tennessee was especially hit hard, with at least four tornado reports for the Volunteer State, and flash flooding prompting water rescues and blocked roads north of Nashville.

5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (3)

Utility workers survey storm damage along Cothran Road in Columbia, Tennessee.

5. Starliner

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is now expected to launch no sooner than May 17 after a valve issue halted the mission Monday. Veteran NASA astronauts Suni Williams and Butch Wilmore had already taken their seats aboard the Starliner capsule when the operations team called for a scrub about two hours before launch. This mission, dubbed the Crew Flight Test, could be the final step before NASA deems Boeing’s spacecraft ready for routine operations to the International Space Station. The launch would mark only the sixth maiden voyage of a crewed spacecraft in US history, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: “It started with Mercury, then with Gemini, then with Apollo, the space shuttle, then (SpaceX’s) Dragon — and now Starliner.”


Stormy Daniels back on the witness stand
Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have planned a longer cross-examination of Stormy Daniels today when the adult film star resumes her testimony, sources tell CNN. On Tuesday, Trump came face-to-face for the first time in years with Daniels, whom he’s accused of silencing with a hush money payment.


CDC launches new rules for bringing dogs into the US
It may not be paw-sible for some dogs to enter the US under new rules that go into effect in August.

Rescue team from US Air Force airlifts ill passenger from cruise ship
A passenger needing urgent medical attention on a Carnival cruise ship was successfully airlifted hundreds of miles out in open Atlantic waters. See photos from the rescue operation.

Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokić named NBA MVP
Denver Nuggets star center Nikola Jokić was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player on Wednesday, marking the third time he has been awarded the honor in four seasons.

Roblox has 70 million users, but it still has to prove itself to Wall Street
The wildly popular gaming platform will report its first quarter earnings today. Read why analysts and investors remain moderately optimistic.

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery launch streaming bundle
Disney and WBD are teaming up to offer a new streaming bundle, bringing Max, Disney+ and Hulu together for the first time in a bid that resembles the cable subscription model. (Warner Bros. Discovery is also the parent of CNN.)


Steve Albini, an audio engineer who influenced the sound of legendary indie and alternative rock musicians like Nirvana and Pixies, died Tuesday in Chicago of a heart attack. He was 61. A biography from his recording studio says he was “known for his naturalistic recording philosophy and meticulous analog working methods.”


That’s how many people with diabetes were injured when their insulin pumps shut down unexpectedly due to a problem with a connected mobile app, the FDA said Wednesday.


“My personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization.”

— Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, announcing Wednesday that she is stepping down just days after Miss USA relinquished her crown. Questions are swirling in the pageant community following the pair of surprise resignations.


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5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (4)

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NASA simulation shows what it would be like to get sucked into black hole

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What it would be like to get sucked into black hole
NASA’s new immersive black hole visualization shows what it would be like to get sucked into a supermassive black hole and be slingshot back out.

5 things to know for May 9: Biden, Immigration, Capitol Hill, Severe weather, Starliner | CNN (2024)
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