30 Fun Things to Do in Biloxi Mississippi • McCool Travel (2024)

In addition to savoring sensational seafood, my favorite things to do in Biloxi Mississippi include countless beach and coastal activities, seeing spectacular sunsets, staying in my favorite hotel in Biloxi, and so much more.

Biloxi Mississippi is one of my favorite Coastal Mississippi beach towns and was formerly called the “Seafood Capital of the World.” It remains an exciting spot for delicious and fresh Gulf shrimp and other US Gulf Coast seafood.

Where is Biloxi? How to get to Biloxi?

Driving to Biloxi along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico is one of my favorite scenic coastal road trips. Biloxi is located between two of my favorite Coastal Mississippi towns: Pass Christian and Ocean Springs.

Biloxi is only a 90-minute drive from New Orleans and Mobile Alabama is about an hour away from Biloxi. The Interstate 110 connector runs right into downtown Biloxi south from I-10.

Gulfport-Biloxi Airport is the closest airport to Biloxi. New Orleans airport is about 90 minutes away. Biloxi is a fantastic New Orleans day trip getaway.

30 Fun Things to Do in Biloxi Mississippi

Enjoy my suggested 30 fun things to do in Biloxi Mississippi.

You can also skip directly to favorite Biloxi restaurants or places to stay in Biloxi.

1. Visit beautiful Biloxi beach, one of the most gorgeous stretches of US Gulf Coast beaches. The sections between Biloxi Lighthouse to across from White Pillars restaurant and across from the convention center to Gulfport are favorite areas.

2. ClimbBiloxi Lighthouse—which is unique for being located in the middle of a highway. As a cast iron structure, Biloxi Lighthouse gets very hot as the day progresses so climbs are only between 9 and 9:30 in the morning. Register for the lighthouse climb atBiloxi Visitors Center.

3. Biloxi Shrimping Trip has made #BigShrimpin an everyday Coastal Mississippi term of endearment. Learn about the shrimping process and have a lot of fun on their popular sailings from Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. Biloxi Shrimping Trip is one of my favorite Unique Gulf Coast activities.

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4. Learn about theBiloxi Wade-In Civil Rights protests at the historic marker on the beach near the Biloxi Lighthouse and just east of Biloxi Lighthouse Pier. A newer, permanent exhibit honoring Astronaut Freed Haise is now in the same area. I love the Biloxi Moonwalk sidewalk mural.

5. Take fun Coastal Mississippi selfies in the giant shark mouth atSharkheadsand the oversized gator mouth atSouvenir City.

6. Stroll the West Biloxi Beach Boardwalk. The half-mile raised walkway, behind Sharkheads, is a splendid place to see spectacular Gulf coast sunsets.

7. Be awed by the Frank Gehry-designed funky silver buildings of Ohr-O’Keefe Museum. Inside the museum, explore the collections of George Ohr pottery and other Coastal Mississippi art exhibits.

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8. See the colorful mural (pictured as the first image above) on the side of theMaritime and Seafood Industry Museum then visit the museum and learn about the prominent local seafood history. Highlights include the shrimp peeling machine, full-size Nydia schooner and other wooden boat models, and Hurricane history gallery.

9. Order some smothered, capped, peppered, and scattered hash browns at the world’s most expensive Waffle House. After Hurricane Katrina, the Biloxi Waffle House at 618 Beach Blvd was rebuilt at a hefty price tag to conform to revised safety protocol standards.

10. Visit the poignant Hurricane Camille Memorial—next to the above Waffle House—and then stroll five minutes to the Hurricane Katrina Memorial on Biloxi Town Green. While here, stroll Biloxi Downtown and visit some of the locally owned small businesses, stores, and art galleries.

11. Learn about the vibrant local Mardi Gras history at Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum. Did you know that the first Mardi Gras in the New World (in 1699) may have been across the bridge in Ocean Springs?

12. Stroll the grounds of Old Biloxi Cemetery and observe the fascinating burial art dating back to the 1800’s. George Ohr, the “Mad Potter of Biloxi,” is among the notable Biloxi residents buried here. There is also a Biloxi National Cemetery nearby for deceased US military veterans.

13. Ground Zero Blues Club Biloxi is a great destination for music lovers. This satellite location of the Clarksdale Ground Zero offers blues act and other live music, Gulf Coast style. McCoolTravel tip: visit Ground Zero Biloxi for lunch or dinner as they serve wonderful food.

14. Get many of your 10,000 steps in by walking the Biloxi Bay Bridge from Point Cadet (Golden Nugget parking lot). Sunrise views are amazing from the highest spot or walk 1.6 miles (one way) to the Ocean Springs side and enjoy the incredible mosaic mural.

15. Watch a Biloxi Shuckers baseball game at beautifulMGM Park, across the street from Beau Rivage.

16. Walk around and enjoy Biloxi Publix art. Seems every day another crosswalk is painted or another mural appears and they are so wonderful to see. Find the Biloxi Tricentennial Mosaic project (1999), the MLK Jr mural, The Gulf Coast Small Rise Again piece (see below), and more. Any favorites?

17. Relax on a sunset dinner cruise on Betsy Ann Riverboat, the only operating paddlewheel boat in Mississippi.

18. Embark on a sightseeing, sunset, after hours, or private tiki cruise with Twisted Tiki Cruises.

19. Kayaking is a great way to explore the waters around Biloxi. One fun liquid road trip is from Biloxi to Deer Island and back. See my Guide to Kayaking the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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McCool Travel tip: Buy the Coastal Mississippi Attractions Pass to save money when visiting several Biloxi museums and attractions The pass is available online here.

Our Favorites: Best Biloxi Restaurants

20. White Pillars is my favorite Biloxi restaurant. Chef Austin Sumrall was a 2020 James Beard nominee for Best Chef in US South. Savor his phenomenal shrimp & grits, duck fries, pork belly, seafood tower, and more. If they have local French Hermit oysters, get them! The beautiful classic walnut decor in the White Pillars bar was salvaged from a Chicago hotel.

McCool Travel tip: For a special Coastal Mississippi souvenir, buy a wooden roux spoon or cutting board (made with local wood) or tongula (tong/spatula hybrid) from White Pillar Sous Chef Mike Macy.

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White Pillars is also a stop on the Gulf Coast Seafood Trail. And Chef Sumrall is included in Best Gulf Coast Restaurants. Chef Sumrall beat Food Network star chef Alex Guarnaschelli and two other chefs in the Alex vs Southern Comfort battle.

21. Visit Makin’ Groceries for superb vegan food. I love their breakfast tacos. And their local art on the walls. And their fun t-shirts. Visit Makin’ Groceries for their amazing food but stay for the funness.

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22. A perfect breakfast spot is Le Cafe Beignet, with smaller dining rooms and alcoves set in a classic library building. Their outstanding shrimp and grits AND BEIGNETS will provide sustenance to power you through the day. Or until lunch!

23. Try a Coastal Mississippi/Asian fusion po’ boy on Vietnamese-style French bread atLe Bakery Cafe. Their coconut curry chicken po’ boy is magnificent.

24. For iconic Gulf Coast waterfront dining and a lively atmosphere, visit Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar orThe Blind Tiger or Shaggy’s.

25. Bask in the glory of the “2,000 year old” oak tree outside Mary Mahoney’s. Try their extremely popular gumbo.

26. Visit Fly Llama Brewing for tasty Mississippi craft beer with amazing names, like Yo Llama So Phat, Free Britney, and Dunkel Chasing Waterfalls.

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See more favorite Mississippi Gulf Coast Restaurants.

Some of the Best Places to Stay in Biloxi Mississippi

27. Hotel Legends is my favorite Biloxi hotel. The all-suite hotel is luxurious decorated with comfy and plush furnishings and I absolutely love the rat pack era photos everywhere. Do not miss the incredible pool area.

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28. Beau Rivage is one of my favorite Gulf Coast hotels and the public areas are especially gorgeous at Christmas time. Ask for a room on the highest possible floor to enjoy epic sunrises or sunsets (depending on which side you are on). See my Beau Rivage review.

29.Margaritaville Biloxi Resort was the first Margaritaville Resort property opened by hometown hero Jimmy Buffett; he was born in nearby Pascagoula. Enjoy the 5th floor pool area overlooking Biloxi Beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Have fun in the Game Center, featuring a five-story climbing wall and the world’s largest PAC-MAN. See my Margaritaville Resort Biloxi review.

30. Try your luck at other Biloxi casinos, including Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Harrah’s Gulf Coast, Golden Nugget, Palace Casino Resort, IP Casino Resort, and Treasure Bay Casino. I particularly love the giant guitar in front of Hard Rock.

Check current rates and availably at my favorite best Biloxi hotels:

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Biloxi is a popular and favorite Gulf Coast Spring Break destination.

Let me know your favorite things to do in Biloxi Mississippi.

30 Fun Things to Do in Biloxi Mississippi • McCool Travel (2024)
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