17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (2024)

Let the good times (sushi) roll.

By Camille Lowder
17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (1)

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Though Japanese sushi might seem like a delivery- or takeout-only meal, we’re here to tell you that it’s totally attainable at home. Though it does take a long time to become a professional sushi chef (seriously, they train for up to 10 years!), you (yes, you!) can make delicious rolls with just a few key ingredients and techniques. The best part? We’ve included some classic recipes here, but you really can fill them with whatever you want—tempura, veggies, pickles… doesn’t have to be limited to just fish. Check out our best sushi recipes for ideas—you’ll only get better with practice, so get to rolling!

It’s ALL about the rice. The word sushi actually means “sour rice” in Japanese, so if you’re going to attempt sushi at home, you’ve got to get it right. Don’t be intimidated, we’ve got a sushi rice guide to get you started. Basically, you’ll be adding rice wine vinegar (the “sour”) to your rice in a particular way. If it’s not perfect the first time, no worries—your rolls will still taste delicious.

The world is your oyster… er, sushi-grade fish. If you're looking to make authentic sushi with raw fish, you're going to want to seek out the best you can find. While we’re usually all for a frozen foods swap, here it will compromise flavor and taste, so go for fresh. Talk to a fishmonger for help picking something out (emphasize you’ll be eating it raw). Check out our rainbow roll to see how we used raw tuna, raw yellowtail, and raw salmon to great effect. If you don’t have access to high-quality fish though, don’t worry. Lots of great rolls utilize imitation crab (also known as crab stick or surimi), like our spicy crab roll. You could also use tempura, like in our dragon roll or our shrimp tempura rolls, or even humble canned tuna, like in our spicy tuna rolls. Not a big fish fan? Stick with solely veggies, like in our cucumber sushi, or try out different combos of whatever you like. These are your sushi rolls, so have fun with it.

Tool of the trade. To really be successful at rolling your own sushi, you’re going to want to grab a reusable bamboo sushi mat. They’re relatively inexpensive, and once you see how easy it is to make sushi, we bet you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Check out our kimbap (technically not sushi, but similar technique) recipe video to see it in action. Hot tip: Wrap your mat in plastic wrap before using it. It does eliminate some of the reusable nature of the mat, but trust us, it makes the cleanup SO much easier while you’re still getting used to rolling.

Want to round out your sushi dinner? Check out our roasted edamame, our ginger pork potstickers, or our miso soup, or our seaweed salad to make it a homemade meal that’s just as good as from your favorite restaurant.


Spicy Tuna Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (3)

In restaurants, spicy tuna sushi rolls usually involve raw, sushi-grade fish. But if raw fish is out of reach, this recipe uses humble canned tuna. That’s not to say you can’t use the basic skeleton of this recipe for raw tuna if you can find it—just substitute in sushi-grade fish, finely chopped, and proceed onward!

Get the Spicy Tuna Roll recipe.


California Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (4)

Just getting into sushi? California rolls are the perfect place to start. No raw fish is required—just imitation crab, which is typical for this type of roll. All you need is a sushi mat and you're ready to roll! 😉

Get the California Roll recipe.


Spicy Crab Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (5)

This spicy crab sushi utilizes inexpensive imitation crab, called surimi, to create the beloved creamy and piquant roll. If you’ve got fresh crab on hand—lucky you!—it would be delicious in surimi’s place.

Get the Spicy Crab Roll recipe.

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Dragon Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (6)

Uramaki arguably reaches a peak of extravagance with the dragon roll, with its gorgeous "scales" of thinly sliced mango and avocado and drizzle of spicy sriracha mayo. The roll is wrapped in classic vinegar-seasoned rice and filled with crispy shrimp tempura, a mix of buttery avocado, and crunchy cucumber.

Get the Dragon Roll recipe.


Sushi Bake

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (7)

This casserole is exactly like your favorite spicy roll, but with all your favorite extra toppings. The sticky, seasoned sushi rice gets baked in an oiled dish, making the edges slightly crisp and chewy, and creating a mind-blowing texture contrast with the decadent topping. Serve it with small sheets of nori to get the full sushi vibe.

Get the Sushi Bake recipe.


Shrimp Tempura Rolls

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (8)

This starring dish is shrimp tempura roll, which is stuffed with avocado and battered jumbo shrimp that are fried until crisp perfection. The shrimp is slightly sweet and nicely dense, the avocado is super soft and rich, and the rice is mixed with vinegar, sugar, and salt for a base that enhances all the flavors. It’s a classic for a reason!

Get the Shrimp Tempura Rolls recipe.

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Chirashi Bowls

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (9)

Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司) translates to "scattered sushi" and is a style of sushi that entails exactly what the name suggests: pieces of sashimi over sushi rice. Chirashizushi—or chirashi bowls—is probably the simplest way to enjoy what you love about sushi without having to learn how to roll maki.

Get the Chirashi Bowls recipe.


Sushi Bowls

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (10)

Not ready to make your own California roll or shrimp tempura roll at home quite yet but craving all of the classic sushi flavors? Make a sushi bowl! You can practice making restaurant-worthy sushi rice, source best-quality fish, and discover what ingredients, flavors, and textures you like, without any rolling.

Get the Sushi Bowls recipe.


Philadelphia Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (11)

Philadelphia roll is essentially a bagel and lox turned into epically delicious sushi, and we're all about it. The classic combo of smoked salmon and cream cheese is boosted with crunchy cucumber and pickled red onions. We topped the roll with everything bagel seasoning too—it might not be traditional, but it definitely is delicious.

Get the Philadelphia Roll recipe.

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Boston Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (12)

The Boston roll is a classic of Americanized sushi. Rolled uramaki-style, with the rice wrapped around the nori, the fillings are a simple mix of poached shrimp, crunchy cucumber, and rich avocado. What makes the roll really special is the addition of tobiko, or fish roe, on the outside of the rice. Briny, crunchy, and brightly colored, it makes every bite extra special.

Get the Boston Roll recipe.


Rainbow Roll

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (13)

Rainbow rolls include a lot of elements of traditional Japanese sushi—seasoned rice, raw fish, nori—but the composition is definitely Americanized. This inside-out roll (or uramaki) has rice on the outside, while the sheet of nori on the inside holds the avocado, cucumber, and crab in place. Top your rolls with sushi-grade fish, or get creative and try thinly sliced avocado, roasted red peppers, or smoked salmon.

Get the Rainbow Roll recipe.


Baked Salmon Sushi Cups

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (14)

Making sushi at home can be intimidating, what with making sushi rice, rolling it up just right, and dealing with raw fish. With these baked salmon sushi cups, you can skip all that but still get all the flavors of your favorite roll.

Get the Baked Salmon Sushi Cups recipe.

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Sushi Rice

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (15)

Looking to make killer sushi at home? The first and most crucial step is perfecting your sushi rice. It isn't very complicated, but it is one of those things that's so simple, you've got to do things a specific way. Check out our techniques and tricks to nailing it—it'll get better the more you try it, so keep at it!

Get the Sushi Rice recipe.


Cucumber Sushi

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (16)

Crisp, refreshing, and packed with veggies, this cucumber "sushi" will become your new favorite addition to the sushi platter. It might not be real sushi, but it sure is delicious!

Get the Cucumber Sushi recipe.



17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (17)

To make Korean kimbap, you will need seaweed (kim or gim), freshly cooked rice (bap), and a bamboo sushi mat. Take note that while they look alike, kimbap is not technically sushi: Sushi rice is seasoned with vinegar, and kimbap rice is drizzled with a bit of sesame oil for a fragrant and savory curve.

Get the Kimbap recipe.

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Sushi Stacks

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (18)

Craving sushi, but can't manage all that rolling? Sushi stacks are here for you. They've got all the flavors you love—sushi rice, salmon, spicy mayo, and cucumber salad—but are way easier to make. Simple assemble your layers in a measuring cup, then flip!

Get the Sushi Stacks recipe.


Cauliflower Sushi Stacks

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (19)

Next time you’re craving a sushi roll, but want a lighter alternative to the rice-packed standard version, try this inventive twist. The "sticky riced cauliflower" is made with cauliflower rice, flax powder, rice vinegar, and nori. (Tip: The ground flaxseed is what helps cauliflower mimic real sushi rice, so don't skip it!)

Get the Cauliflower Sushi Stacks recipe.

17 Sushi Recipes You (Yes, You!) Can Make At Home (2024)
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